Saturday, January 15, 2011

Electric Pizza Oven Product Description

Product Description

Cook a delicious, goldencrust pizza in 812 minutes. It also turns out delicious quesadillas, hot pretzels, bruschetta and many other baked delights. Made of highgrade stainless steel, it features a removable crumb tray for cleanup convenience. 30minute automatic shutoff. Measures: 201/2" x 9" x 18".

Compact and convenient oven pizza to the menu to add all the pubs, cafes and small restaurants outside of the kitchen is the best.
They are constructed entirely from stainless steel to ensure reliability is composed of a solid level.
Little Italy range from full-fledged fire directly on the back of hot stone floor is suitable for baking or frying.
Transactions of the oven to ensure uniform heating elements in AISI321 stainless steel isolation room was equipped with baking.
Models 4336 and 4336 / 2 of 1 minute timer with a standard 13 anppeahppuraguineseo runs.

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